Wacky Cake Fish Shaped Birthday Cake


This is a simple wacky cake (Depression Era cake that uses no egg or any expensive ingredients) yet maintains a wonderful consistency and flavor.  It was for my son’s 7th birthday, he loved it!  I found the idea on Pinterest.  We use it a lot because my husband is allergic to eggs.  We made a 9×13″ cake and a 8×8″ cake to make sure we had enough to work with.  We attached the parts with toothpicks to the main body.  2 lollipops for the fish mouth, M&M’s for the scales, a marshmallow and M&M for the eye, and just decorate as you wish from there!  You can used any boxed mix or cake recipe you have.


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One thought on “Wacky Cake Fish Shaped Birthday Cake

  1. Tiffany this is a really pretty cake. I love this idea. May I ask how you cut the 9×13 and the 8×8 cakes to shape it into the fish? I’m interested in making one for my grandson.

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