Homemade Burritos That Save a Lot of Money! * (Not IC Safe)



I took a standard burrito recipe that was a little too plain for us and made it my own.  This will be a simple recipe with no ingredient amounts; experiment with that yourself and to your own tasting.  

First, I heated up some red salsa (I chose mild for our taste), and mixed it with some cooked brown rice I had just made.  You can, of course, use white rice too.  I heated the salsa and rice on the stovetop and added garlic powder.  Then, I added some rinsed and dried fresh cilantro with my can of rinsed and drained black beans.  (Please rinse your cilantro as it can be quite gritty and dirty – I used my salad spinner).  I sprinkled on some taco seasoning and added cumin and heated thoroughly.  I grilled my thin steak, chopped it, and added it to my pot.  (On our second try of making this recipe, we added cooked chorizo to the burrito and it really added so much flavor in addition to the steak!)  I turned off the burner and let the mixture cool about five minutes.  


I put my meat/rice/bean mixture onto the bottom 1/3rd of my large burrito shell.  (Later I found out that shell is 310 calories, so next time I will use a slightly smaller size).  I added some shredded Mexican cheese along with some Queso Fresco on top of the mixture.  I topped that off with some of the freshly cleaned and dried cilantro.  Wrap tightly in burrito shell and wrap in foil.  I put some in the fridge for lunch that day and some in the freezer – first wrapped in the foil and then placed in a freezer bag.    


It should look like this.  If you’re frugal like me, you’ll notice the foil doesn’t get very messy once you unwrap your burrito.  So I am saving my foil in the freezer and reusing it for the next burrito batch. 🙂  



The final product – delicious and very filling!  Expect many compliments!!




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