Kit Kat and M&M Candy Cake * (Not IC Safe)




Yes, when I checked out at the register I worried if they thought I was actually eating all this candy by myself. 🙂


I pre-chilled my Kit Kat bars in the fridge so handling them would not bring on melting. 

Never frost a warm cake!

I used my new Wilton cake turntable here and it was extremely handy.  I used an offset spatula to frost the cake and prior to frosting I put down wax paper that was taped on underneath the turntable.  Once the cake set in the fridge a few hours, I removed the wax paper and tape to reveal a clean edge!  




 I found this recipe at NOSHWITHME.COM.  It was a perfect addition to our birthday parties.  It was fun, delicious, and very attractive.  Also, it was easy, which is great when you need a break from piping.  You can use any colored 2-layer cake, but it’s preferable to use chocolate frosting so the frosting doesn’t show through the Kit Kats, believe me.  


  • Two 8″ or 9″ cakes, any flavor  (I used an eggless wacky cake recipe).
  • Chocolate frosting (enough for a 2-layer cake)
  • One 12.60 ounce bag of M&Ms (or any candy you want to top it with)
  • 11-12 full size (not snack size) packages Kit Kats (I bought 5 “XL” Kit Kat bars and barely had any leftover.)


  1. Bake cakes and let cool at least an hour, or until room temperature.
  2. Using a cake leveler or serrated knife, level cakes so the tops are no longer domed. (If you are using a serrated knife, it helps to freeze the cake first.)
  3. Separate each Kit Kat so you have sections of two Kit Kats.  The original author put them in the fridge first so they wouldn’t melt while I was handling them.  I personally think you could also split up all the Kit Kats and not even leave 2-Kit Kat sections, I will try that next time. 
  4. Frost the top of one cake, then place the second cake on top of it. Frost the top of the second cake and the sides of the stacked cakes.
  5. Place the Kit Kats around the frosted cake, as close together as possible.
  6. You can also tie a ribbon around the cake to keep the Kit Kats from moving. Pour the M&Ms on the top of the cake. Slice and serve!



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2 thoughts on “Kit Kat and M&M Candy Cake * (Not IC Safe)

  1. Tiff………….this is so wonderful… I cant wait to give your recipes a try, or to give them to Joe since he loves to cook so much…. jennie

    • Hey Jennie – thanks for you comment. 🙂 Believe me, this one isn’t too hard to make, make it for you family or when friends come over!

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