Welcome to my first cooking blog post! 

Cooking is my favorite hobby and I love to cook for my family of three daily – often three times a day!   I’m in the kitchen hours per day and I love it!  Thankfully, I’m doing more cooking versus cleaning than I used to.  I hope to share my great recipes with everyone who loves cooking!  I cook almost everything – the only items I don’t cook with are fish (excluding tuna), mushrooms, and olives, because well – I can’t stand them.   I believe that the art of cooking is sadly disappearing and I think that’s a bad direction to go in.  Less people are cooking at home and opting for take out, drive-thrus, restaurants, frozen meals, and boxed kits.  We do that too, but in extreme moderation.  I like to cook as naturally as possible while saving time with some pre-made ingredients that aren’t too bad for you.  I avoid a lot of preservatives, fake ingredients, chemicals, and high fructose corn syrup when I can.  This blog will be a mix of healthy cooking, decadent cooking, healthy baking, and decadent baking.  If it’s decadent, I just eat a much smaller portion than usual.  Everything in moderation!  I get my recipes from many places including Allrecipes.com, the internet, my personal cookbooks, and the cookbooks at the library.  I hope my recipes and photos  urge you to get back into your kitchen and cook fresh for your family!  🙂



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