Homemade Natural Spray Cleaner


First off, excuse the horribly unclear photo, my camera decided to be annoying and I didn’t want to retake the photo, (laziness).

If you are looking for a natural homemade all purpose spray cleaner, look no further.  This is a great one. I use it on granite countertops, toilet lids, glass, windows, and more.

I haven’t been able to tolerate scents for many years now.  In addition, heavy cleaners like Fabuloso, Fantastic, or anything heavy or with scent murder my lungs and give me big fragrance reactions.  Instead of not cleaning, I used to use 7th generation unscented dish soap in toilets, on coutners, etc.  I still do, but I supplement with this wonderful spray cleaner.


Most people have all the ingredients on hand, probably excluding the Borax powder, but it is cheap and easy to use.  You will find a big box of it in the laundry department for maybe $4.  Borax also descents your clothes.  We are very allergic to fragrances.  If we’ve been to a location where heavy perfumes were present and that scent seeped into your clothes, we use Borax powder in our washing machine.    I put maybe a 1/4 cup into my washer, put it on the soak mode, before it starts washing.  It removes most if not all of the scent.

Safe essential oil scents that do not bother me are orange, lemon, and wintergreen scent.  Those are my favorites.



  • A trigger spray bottle (label it with what’s inside for safety)
  • Essential oils in your choice of scent (optional)
  • Funnel for ease!
  • 2 Tbsp. distilled white vinegar
  • 1 tsp. Borax
  • 1/8 cup dish soap (I use unscented 7th Generation dish soap)
  • 1 cup hot water



  1. Put a funnel into your labeled and empty trigger bottle.
  2. Pour vinegar, borax, and hot water into bottle.
  3. Continue filling spray bottle with cool water, leaving enough head-space room for dish soap and essential oils.  
  4. Add dish soap last.  You do not need to shake this.
  5. Optional: add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, or mix a few scents for a new creation.  I add about 10 drops.


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